What is the resemblance between idols and Taghuts in Imam’s messages?

Imam Khomeini, the late founder of the Islamic Republic through his speeches and statements explained that no idols are worse or more dangerous than ‘taghuts’ which have been present throughout the course of history, from Adam to Ibrahim and to Muhammad, upon whom be peace, to eternity when the last idol-breaker shall issue the monotheistic cry from the Ka’aba.

Are not the present superpowers big idols, which have forced the world to obey and worship them? They impose themselves upon the world through force and deceit.

 The great Ka’aba is the only place for breaking these idols. Ibrahim and Muhammad, upon whom be peace, raised the cry of monotheism from the Ka’aba, and their descendant the Mahdi will also do so in the world’s last days.  

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