How could Iranian youth relieve the country from coronavirus pandemic or other difficulties?

Imam Khomeini wanted the youth to study and work well and make scientific progress in all fields.


Following the victory of Islamic Revolution, Imam encouraged universities and research centers to make advancements.

A large population of Iranians is young who are engaged in medical research and other fields and can play significant role in developing vaccine or other medications which can relive the humanity from this virus.  

Imam once said in this regard as following:

I would like to mention another condition for you the youth. You should study and work well. Knowledge and acquiring knowledge is one of the most basic tools and instruments for gaining the power to confront enmities, storms, difficult waves and the like. Our good youth should study well and acquire knowledge. Those who are outstanding should work for their country and they should not serve the enemy. Studying should become a lofty value. The talents of our youth are thankfully good talents. If they study and work well, the level of knowledge in the country will undoubtedly go up. If the level of knowledge goes up, this will strengthen the domestic structure of the country. If this happens, it becomes strong.

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