Why did Imam Khomeini accept 598 resolutions to end the imposed war?

This resolution did not meet the expectations of Iran, but it had the positive cases in comparison to the previous ones.

Imam Khomeini who considered the protection and maintenance of Iran and Islamic Republic of Iran as the most necessary and important matter than victory in the war, announced his agreement with the acceptance of the resolution and said in a message addressing Iranians,

 "what should be said about the acceptance of the resolution which was caustic and deplorable for all people and especially for me is that I already believed in this method of the defense and the announced positions in war and considered the expediency of the Revolution, system and the country in the accomplishment of it until some days before, however, based on the incidents and elements that I refuse to mention them now and God willing , they will become determined in the future , and according to the opinion of all high status political and military experts of the country that I trust in their obligation, sympathy and honesty, I agreed to accept the resolution and cease-fire and consider it as the expediency of the Revolution and system  and God knows that  if there was not such motivation that our respect and confidence should be sacrificed in the way of the expediency of the system and Muslims , I would never have consented to do this action and the death and martyrdom were more delectable for me, but, what is the alternative?”

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