Christians Were Deeply Impressed by Imam Khomeini

Christians Were Deeply Impressed by Imam Khomeini

The Christians were deeply impressed by the excellent ethical attitude of Imam and became emotionally attached to him during his stay on the suburbs of Paris.

 The Christians leaders also used to acknowledge and recognize the ongoing struggle undertaken by Imam against the dictatorial regime and became supporters for the victory of the Islamic Revolution.

It is worth-mentioning that a large number of media outlets from across the globe used to converge to the Imam’s residence to conduct interview and seek his views on the ongoing world affairs.

Imam rendered his apologies for residents several times for any possible inconvenience triggered by the presence of crowds of journalists and reporters in the area.

Imam had held several meetings with Jewish and Christian leaders and urged them to stand by the Islamic Republic, the Iranian nation and oppressed nations of the world against aggressions and discriminations.

The great leader also used to call for the Christian community to follow pure and genuine teachings as promoted by the divine prophet, Jesus Christ.

Imam maintained that Christian people and leaders should follow the pure teachings of the Jesus Christ—the great prophet of God the Almighty — instead of favoring the wrongdoing of some aggressive materialistic minded rulers.

The founder of the Islamic Republic believed in the unity of Islam and other divine religions as it was necessary against colonialists and the enemies of Islam. Call to unity under the flag of monotheism forms an important part of Imam’s messages and speeches.

The works and initiatives of Imam remain equal popular among all followers of Divine faiths including the Muslims, Christians, Jews and others.

The great imam believed that man’s intuition is based on monotheism, charity, search for truth and justice. According to Imam, if general awareness increases and the evil of ego weakened, then every human society will take to God-seeking and live in environments rich in peace and tranquility.

The founder of the Islamic Republic considered the philosophy of the prophetic missions as a means by which men are led toward theosophy, to activate man’s perfection-seeking power, in negation of all darkness, in reformation of the society, and in establishment of equity and justice.

He was a divine philosopher and mystic, a religious authority and at the same time the leader of the Islamic Revolution, and the founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

He was acquainted with the principles of Western philosophy, and was well versed in the principles of logic and Islamic philosophy. He followed philosophy as a path for recognition of the stage and the step taken to perceive the realities of existence and of creatures.

Imam’s philosophical outlook toward the truth of existence and pantheism and its stages, is deeply influenced by his school of mysticism.

According to Imam, attaining to divine gnosis, and exalted moral stations would not be possible except by following the path which the great prophets and God’s proofs on earth have learned and traversed.

Imam maintained that the all followers of divine religions should become united under the flag of monotheism and human, social and moral values should be given great importance for the salvations and progress of the whole humanity.

Several international magazines and institutions have recorded Imam as one of the most popular and effective religious and political leaders of the world.

On the occasion of the Christmas in 1987, Imam Khomeini send a message of felicitations to all the Christians all over the world

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

The Almighty God's greetings and salutations to the Holy Christ, son of Mary, the Spirit of God, and the honorable prophet who resuscitated the dead and awakened the drowsy! Greetings and salutations of the Great God to his dignified mother, Virgin Mary and virtuous saintly woman, who, through the divine breath, offered such a great son to those who were thirsty for divine mercy! Greetings to the clerics, priests and monks who, through the teachings of Jesus Christ call the rebellious souls to peace! Greetings to the free nation of Christ, who enjoy the divine teachings of Christ, the Spirit of God!

… I request you the great nation to warn the heads of some Christian countries who support the oppressive through their diabolic powers and crush a nation under the pressure of their oppression and acquaint them with the teachings of Holy Christ.

I request the Christian clerics to advise some of the heads of powerful countries and denounce their support for a person who has turned his back to the divine teachings. The Holy Qur'an has mentioned the name of Holy Christ with magnificence and has purified Holy Mary. It is the duty of the Christian nation to pay their debt to the Muslim nation. Peace be with you.

Rouhullah al-Mousawi al-Khomeini‏

Sahifeh, vol5, Page: 762

Place: Neauphle-le-Chateau, Paris, France


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