Institute Holds an International Literary Festival

Institute Holds an International Literary Festival

The Cultural and Art Department of the Institute holds an International Literary Festival namely Yaroyadegar as a great need is being felt for new writers with fresh ideas to write and compile works with regard to Imam’s ideals.

The idea of holding such a massive literary festival, titled as Yadoyadegar, in the name and remembrance of the founder of the Islamic Republic emerged about eight years ago.

The festival was primarily designed to familiarize and make the youth acquainted with the insightful thought of Imam Khomeini as well as to protect and shield his academic and revolutionary legacy. 

This festival and initiative will help the young generation—who lived at relatively distant span of time from the great Imam—to spare no efforts in  promoting the  genuine teachings , highly-valued ideals and dynamic thought of the great revival of the Islamic awakening .

International experts believe that the deep thought of great Imam still continues to guide the oppressed and raise hope and self-trust among the young generation.

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