Imam Khomeini Denounced Sectarian Divide

Imam Khomeini Denounced Sectarian Divide

Imam Khomeini, the founder of the Islamic Republic used to denounce all types of divisions between the Muslim sects.

Imam took several initiatives to unite the Muslims and warned the enemies conspiracies against the oppressed nations.

He also called on followers of all religions to get united under a divine banner to confront the plots by the imperialistic and arrogant powers.

We bring some of phrases from Imam saying regarding the necessity of unity among all Muslims as following 

O Muslims! Keep Away From the Disuniters!

O you powerful Muslims! Beware! Know yourselves and let the world know you.  Cast aside the sectarian and regional disputes, which have been created by the world-devouring powers and their corrupt agents for the purpose of plundering you and treading upon your human and Islamic honour. 

May Allah, the Most High, deliver Islam and the Muslim countries from the evil of the world-devourers and their affiliated and connected agents.

The Difference Between the Shias and the Sunnis Is the Want of the Foreigners  If there happens a dispute between the Iranian nation and the other nations, or between the Sunni brothers and the Shias brothers, it will be to the disadvantage of all of us, of all  Muslims. Those who want to cause disunion are neither of the Sunnis nor of the Shias. They are the directors of the Super Powers and they are serving them.

Those who try to create disunity between our Sunni brothers and our brothers of the Shias, are the groups who plot for the enemies of Islam. They want to help the enemies of Islam to overcome the Muslims. They are the followers of western powers, and some are also the followers of the eastern powers.  The Muslims, wherever they may be must be aware that disunion between a country in the farthest end of the world and another one on the other end of the world, does not mean a local dispute.

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