Imam Khomeini, as a Great Champion of Unity

Imam Khomeini, as a Great Champion of Unity

The founder of the Islamic Republic became undertook serious efforts to unite all the Islamic nations and denounced any type of division and strife among the Muslim Ummah.

Pundits believe that Imam Khomeini wanted to unite the followers of all religions under banner of monotheism and was a great supporter of the oppressed nations across the globe.

In order to fulfill the great Imam’s ideals, the Islamic Republic holds an international unity confab in Tehran each year in month of Rabiul Awwal coincide with auspicious birthday of the holy prophet of Islam.

This year’s international summit was wrapped up on Friday with Chairman and senior officials delivering their final speeches. Attendees at the event included educated Muslim figures, ministers of Islamic countries, clerics, scholars and representatives of scientific and cultural circles from Iran and across the world. 

The 28th International Islamic Unity Conference concluded work after issuing a statement on necessity of real solutions to Islamic world issues.

In the statement, participants outlined the procedure of holding the gathering and said it focused on the issue of addressing challenges and finding solutions for a united Islamic Ummah.

They also held expert panels to discuss latest developments pertaining to trade, youth, university students, political parties, women and media in the Islamic world.

The statement stressed that the word “Islam” included all those who believe in the principles of the holy religion.

It stated that those included in the Islamic Ummah are united as one in front of aliens and all will cooperate to materialize the sublime ideals of the Holy Islam.

Participants in the gathering also condemned all forms of aggressions by Israel against the rights of the resistant nation of Palestine especially its efforts to destroy the al-Aqsa Mosque and the houses of the Palestinian people living in Quds by carrying out ethnic changes and surrounding them in Gaza Strip.

They referred to resistance as the legitimate right of all nations and denounced all forms of individual, group or state terrorism practiced under the guise of globalization and democratization of countries.

The statement further voiced support for the Islamic resistance in Palestine and Lebanon.

Muslim scholars and figures attending the 28th International Islamic Unity Conference called for combating Takfiri strife and promoting common religious grounds.

The international conference had kicked off in Tehran on Wednesday with the participation of hundreds of Sunni and Shia scholars and intellectuals from more than 60 countries.

The participants discussed ways to promote unity and solidarity in the Muslim world and focused on problems facing the Islamic world, such as the threat posed by the Takfiri militants.

The theme of this year’s conference was United Muslim Ummah: Challenges and Strategies.

The participants in the gathering also met with the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei.

Ayatollah Khamenei said unity is the great lesson that Muslims should learn from the Holy Prophet of Islam (PBUH), adding that realization of his divine message must be the top priority of Muslims.

The Leader expressed his deep regret over the successes of the enemies' plots to create disunity among Muslims.

Referring to the huge potential and unique features the Muslim community possesses, he said bolstering unity among Muslims over their main ideas will guarantee the progress of the Islamic world.

Ayatollah Khamenei also stressed that the result of this unity is 'dignity and grandeur' for the Prophet of Islam.

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