Islamabad Holds Exhibition on Anniversary of Iran Revolution

Islamabad Holds Exhibition on Anniversary of Iran Revolution

The Iranian Embassy in Islamabad has held an exhibition in close coordination with a Pakistani arts organization on the eve of the anniversary of the victory of the Islamic revolution.

The Iranian embassy in collaboration with the Pakistan National Council of Arts (PNCA) inaugurated a five-day arts exhibition in Islamabad to commemorate the 36th anniversary of the Iran’s Islamic revolution.

On the first day, majestic traditional Iranian music echoed in the halls of the PNCA to welcome a large number people including students to learn about the Islamic revolution.

As lights dimmed, a documentary was screened depicting the Iranian culture and traditions.

The five-day exhibition includes live demonstrations, paintings, handicrafts and books from Iran. Exquisite artwork including mix-media calligraphy by Iranian artists Amir Jaukar, Javager Pour and Ali Fallahkordi covered the walls, adding to the ambiance. Beautiful traditional works, using different techniques to depict Iranian culture, was also showcased.

Handmade rugs and Iranian printed table clothes were spread across tables as a base for handicrafts on display. Shiny silver produces embellished with gems demanded attention. The ravishing pieces were set for display, highlighting the alluring rich culture of Iran.

The exhibition comes as millions of Iranians across the country are marking ten days of celebrations, marking the 36th anniversary of the victory of the 1979 Islamic Revolution.

The ceremonies kicked off all over the nation on last week, the time when the late founder of the Islamic Republic Imam Khomeini arrived back home on February 1, 1979 from exile.

Imam Khomeini spent more than 14 years in exile, mostly in the Iraqi holy city of Najaf. He also spent some time in Turkey and France, before his return to Iran.

The day when Imam Khomeini returned to Tehran marks the start of 10 days of celebrations better known as the 10-Day Dawn festivities, which culminate in nationwide rallies on February 11, the anniversary of the triumph of the Islamic Revolution.

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