Imam Khomeini set up divine system in modern era

Imam Khomeini set up divine system in modern era

A prominent Sunni cleric says Imam Khomeini established a comprehensive divine system in contemporary history.

“Imam Khomeini  planted the first seed (in our age), developed and formed the foundation of Divine Islamic Revolution that turned the historical change of modern world in favors of Islam, Muslims, and mostadafin (oppressed) against the imperialism naturally, in this way the balances in the world are changed, revolutionized completely and eternally.” Prominent Sunni Cleric Hizbullah Hakverdi said.

Hakverdi issues Congratulation Message for the 36th Anniversary of the Islamic Revolution of Iran.

Bismihi Teala

We hereby congratulate ‘The Honourable and Glorious Fajr-e Sadiq (True Dawn) Eid’ of all World Muslims and Oppressed People on the occasion of the anniversary of The Islamic Revolution in Iran which is the most important and magnificent revolution in history of humanity that happened and triumphed on February 01 – 10, 1979 and ask Allah the coming out of the chain of conquests and victories which will turn the World to rose and rose garden with the divine nour (light) and happiness of The United Republics of Islam.


 It is noteworthy that Imam established a comprehensive Islamic-democratic system following the victory of Islamic Revolution in 1979. The progressive Islamic government brought prosperity and development for the nation in coming years.  

Imam Khomeini the founder of the Islamic Republic frequently said that Islam was fully capable of establishing progressive democratic system.


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