Imam attached great significance to nursing

Imam attached great significance to nursing

The founder of the Islamic Republic attached great significance to the nursing and medical professions.

Imam Khomeini highlighted importance and sacredness of the nursing and medical professions through his historic speeches on several occasions. 

The great spiritual leader in one of his statements said that if the nurses and doctors fulfill their moral and religious obligations, then their profession would be considered as a noble one, and worship and obedience to God.

He always advised to ignore the material and financial benefits and concentrate on spiritual and moral aspects of rendering service to those who are battling against disease and are in trouble.

According to Imam, the nursing, doctors and all other occupations related to the medical field were sacred if its divine aspects and religious duties and rights were properly observed.  

It is noteworthy that  auspicious birthday of Hazrat Zeinab, the daughter of Imam Ali and granddaughter of the holy prophet (peace be upon them) , is celebrated as Nurse's Day in Islamic Republic of Iran. The day also  honours the brave Iranian Muslim ladies.

The great Imam wanted the medical universities to expand carefully designed fields of specializations which can fulfill the material and spiritual needs of the young generations.

The founder of the Islamic Republic also wanted the professors, researchers and students to focus on the scientific and spiritual needs and challenges the Muslim world was facing.

Imam believed the university systems should become independent and self-sufficient in field of technology and social sciences and should be able to offer their services for the entire Muslim world and oppressed nations.

The great leader maintained that reliance on the certain power regarding the education will leave negative impact on all fields of life and make the nation backward for the decades to come.

Imam wanted the university system to become progressive, expand its horizons, extend fields of research and technology which can fulfill all social, scientific and moral needs. Imam also believed that the universities and seminaries must become inspirable and take advantage of each other experiences.

Imam’s utmost efforts bore fruit in coming years and ranking of the Iranian universities and its research institutes were raised among the world recognized systems. Iran made an unprecedented level of progress in humanities, social sciences and medical fields over the past few years and is offering services and interacting with intellectual and universities around the globe.

Iran has made tremendous progress in medical field following the victory of the Islamic revolution in 1979.

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