Imam Khomeini showed respect for scholars

Imam Khomeini showed respect for scholars

The great spiritual and religious leader of the Muslim world used to show a great amount of respect for the divine scholars.

Imam Khomeini was a great caliber of Muslim scholar and has had a special status among mystics and is loved by people around the globe.

The great imam used to emphasize and advised others to observe ethical manner while writing a book or delivering a lecture

He believed in literary and academic criticism of theories presented by the Muslim scholars in various Islamic fields over the centuries. However, he seriously avoided from using or inflicting any insulting remarks or expression during his academic discussions and practical life.

His friends and pupil say he showed great amount of respect to all scholars belonging to contemporary history and the earlier ages.

The founder of the Islamic Republic has had well command over several Islamic fields including jurisprudence, philosophy, poetry, mysticism and Quranic and Hadith sciences.

Several of works including ‘Forty Hadith’ left by Imam Khomeini, the founder of the Islamic Republic contain mystical treasures and the great scholar of contemporary era has touched upon various issues with genuine Islamic approach. 

Imam has left dozens of academic works which covers a range of academic, spiritual, mystic, jurisprudence, philosophical and theological fields.

Some of his valuable mystical and spiritual works consist of Misbah al-Hidayah, an exposition on forty Hadiths, the hosts of intellect and ignorance, discipline of prayers, secret of prayers and several others.

His dynamic mystic and religious thought would continue to spiritually guide and transform the truth-seekers for the coming periods and centuries.

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