Imam Khomeini highlighted Fatima as role-model throughout history

Imam Khomeini highlighted Fatima as role-model throughout history

This year’s Nowruz holiday coincides with the anniversary of the martyrdom of Fatimah Zahra, the beloved daughter of Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him).

Imam Khomeini, the spiritual and religious leader of the Muslim world used to praise Fatimah Zahra as a unique spiritual and divine figure and a perfect personality. Imam also used to stress the importance of drawing on the guidelines and demeanor of Prophet Mohammad and Fatemeh Zahra as well as other infallible Imams to improve morality and benevolence and establish a close rapport between people in the society.

Reviewing the personality of Hazrat Fatima Zahra from the viewpoint of Imam Khomeini In the history of Islam, for very group or stratum of society, there is a suitable role-model who is guiding light for salvation and on the path to perfection.

The role-model for women, as declared by Allah and His Prophet is Hazrat Fatimah-Zahra (peace be upon her).

As rightly stated by the noble Prophet (peace be upon him): "Fatima is the best of all women of the world, and a role-model for all Muslim women. The history of Islam is witness to the immense respect that the prophet had for Hazrat Zahra (peace be upon them) which also powerfully reflects on the importance of women in society," Imam Khomeini once said.

With the birth of hazrat Fatimah-Zahra (PBUH), Allah revealed the Chapters of Kauthar, Qadr and Dahr to praise her auspicious birth.

By praising her virtues, the Prophet of Islam firmly established the value of women in the Islamic society. This Fatimah (PBUH) is the role-model of all women of the world; her greatness is not limited to any particular time period or location.

Hazrat Fatimah (PBUH) is the role-model for women throughout history and for all generations, past, present and future. The Divine aspect of human beings is perfectly manifested in her.

With a role-model such as this great personality, Muslim women should never feel weak or helpless but should in fact gather more awareness about the high status that Islam grants to a woman.

 A study of life of this great lady would clearly show us that the path to ascension is wide open for every for every woman. In fact, it is Hazrat Fatimah-Zahra (PBUH) who has already paved that the path and is a guide for other women to follow.

The Status of Hazrat Fatimah Zahra (PBUH) was a very knowledgeable person, a fact that was acknowledged by followers of all religions and sects

Her sermons and sayings are evidence of her intellectual, strength of character and nobility of mind. She was an embodiment of all virtues of womanhood. She was an exemplary daughter, a loving and supportive wife, a caring mother and a powerful and aware member of society.

Hazrat Fatimah (PBUH) was also well-aware of her rights and whenever necessary stood up for them, instead of suffering like a helpless victim.

These qualities are also well-reflected in the lives of her great children Imam Hassan and Imam Hussein and Hazrat Zainab and Umme - Kulthum (peace be upon them) who are also well-known for their piety, goodness, courage and generosity.

Hazrat Fatimah (PBUH) inherited the genius, wisdom, determination, will-power, piety, patience, knowledge and nobility from her illustrious father, both in words and deeds.

Her generosity and compassion for the poor was such that no destitute or beggar ever returned from her door unattended.

Thus, we can see how, in a short span of her life, this grand lady demonstrated how a woman can play different roles powerfully, and positively influence the course of history by her social contribution.

Let us conclude this discussion with a following saying from Imam Khomeini:

"We must all try to follow in the footsteps of Hazrat Fatimah (PBUH) and should try to learn from her piety and knowledge,” the great Imam once said.

Fatimah had high moral virtues and her life is full of spiritual behavior. We explain two of them below noticing that these are only a very little part of her moral virtues:

Her stances were stances for the right, and her sorrow was the sorrow for the issue (Islam). The depth of Islam was manifested in the depth of her personality and she amassed within herself all the Islamic human virtues, since being the Doyenne of the Women of the World implied that she should be at the highest level, spiritually and morally.

Imam always insisted that the Islamic and world societies could prevent from moral and social decline and collapse by following the character of the teachings of the divine lady Fatimah and her pure progeny.

We remember the message and her role, and remember Islam and the dynamic issues in which Fatimah (PBUH) was a central figure; hence we feel that she is with us in all of our concerns and that she is alive among us.

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