Imam Sought Greater International Justice

Imam Sought Greater International Justice

The founder of the Islamic Republic sought a greater international justice at world forums where rights of all countries and nations must be respected.

Imam Khomeini presented a realistic model of justice which could be implemented on international level and covers all fields of life and took care of needs of all nations

From Imam’s point of view, economic justice has been very closely associated to cultural and political justice.

The great spiritual leader of the world presented the theoretical and practical perspectives of justice which could bring economic prosperity and spiritual salvations for all nations.

According to the great leader, cruelty, brutality, inequality and discrimination has always been posing a great danger to ruling systems and human civilizations. With expansion of international relations, the establishment and promotion of justice among nations and countries has been becoming of more significance.

The developed and colonial powers are hindering the scientific progress of the developing countries and plundering their resources.

Imam believed that the justice is a divine virtue and the whole universe’s system is based on divine power, wisdom and justice. The God Almighty has exercised absolute justice while creating the universe. This is essential and unchangeable ascription and attribution.

The great leader of the Muslim world also defined justice as a moderation element in moral and ethical discussion.  According to Imam, if carnal desires are brought under moderation, then the human beings will be decorated with human and divine virtues and values.

The great Imam recommended that the obstacles must be figured out on the way of implementing international justice.

Imam maintained that spirituality and justice were inseparable as without spirituality and attention to God Almighty, the justice couldn’t be maintained across the globe.

There will be no justice until the people and high-ranking officials relive themselves from clutches of carnal desires.

Imam Khomeini presented a solution to the ongoing spirituality crisis plunging the various parts of the modern world.

The great leader of the Muslim world revived the genuine religious and divine teaching at a very sensitive juncture of the history.

The Islamic Revolution under wise leadership of Imam Khomeini emerged victorious when the whole world had been plunged into social and moral decline.

The Islamic revolution happened at a very sensitive juncture of history when the colonial powers had divided the world into eastern and western blocs and the world’s societies had become morally bankrupt and were deeply plunged into social and moral decline.

Imam Khomeini, the religious and spiritual leader of the Muslim world established a distinctive system which revived the spiritual, human and religious values among the Iranian nation and other communities across the globe.

Imam Khomeini has had matchless and unprecedented leadership qualities which are not seen among figures of other movements in recent history.


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