Imam Khomeini Belongs to All

Imam Khomeini Belongs to All

The head of the international department of the institute says all efforts are being exerted to hold anniversary of heavenly departure of Imam Khomeini in the best manner.

Dr. Mohammad Moghaddam made remarks during a meeting with high-ranking officials who are tasked to hold the arrangement for the upcoming anniversary.

He added that the committees tasked with different jobs would made best use of previous years to provide best services to the foreign guests, and make the event more useful to introduce Imam’s dynamic thought and genuine teachings. 

The intellectual also emphasized that several government institutions are contributing to hold the event in praiseworthy manner. 

Necessary correspondences have been done with the Foreign Ministry and relevant institutions including Iran’s Islamic Culture and Relations Organization to invite intellectual and talented guests, he noted. 

The foreign ministry and the organization would contact various cultural houses and centers in different countries to invite the honorable guests. The cultural personalities, academic figures and journalists are expected to be included among guests at the anniversary.

The founder of the Islamic republic belongs to all and all individuals and institutions should use their potentials to hold the events with dignity and in best manner. 

Imam Khomeini, the founder of the Islamic Republic, established a comprehensive Islamic-democratic system following the victory of Islamic Revolution in 1979. 

Imam Khomeini established a comprehensive system based on divine and human values in contemporary history.

Imam Khomeini frequently said that Islam was fully capable of establishing progressive democratic system.

Imam Khomeini has had well command over several disciplines of the Islamic sciences including the philosophy, mysticism, jurisprudence, poetry, Quranic interpretation, Islamic traditions and several other fields.

The progressive Islamic-democratic government brought prosperity and development for the nation in coming years.  

The fall of the Pahlavi regime and the victory of the people’s voices brought about many changes in the world and particularly in the Middle East.

Imam Khomeini, the great religious and spiritual leader of the Muslim world passed away on June 3, 1989.

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