Imam Ali (PBUH) as Perfect Model for Humanity

Imam Ali (PBUH) as Perfect Model for Humanity

The founder of the Islamic Republic frequently said that Imam Ali—the truthful infallible successor of the holy prophet of Islam has been perfect model to follow for the whole humanity throughout all ages.

Imam Khomeini used to maintain that  that Imam Ali (PBUH), is the appearance of the absolute justice, the marvel of the world , who has no equal by kindness in the world-from the beginning until the eternity- unless the more respectable Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him).

The founder of the Islamic Republic send regular messages on birthday anniversary of Imam Ali and invited all government officials and masses to follow footsteps of the truthful successor of the holy prophet in all perspectives of life.

Imam Ali’s (PBUH)  auspicious birth happened in the holy month of Rajab. Rajab is one of the sacred months dignified by Allah. Moreover, it's the month that has the honor of venerable occasions: in this month was the Day of Resurrection of The holy prophet of Islam Mohammad (PBUH), when the prophet was assigned to mission of the guidance for humanity. 

In addition to the birth of Imam Ali (PBUH), therefore the family of the honorable prophet Mohammad calls it The Month of the Commander of the Faithful, Imam Ali (PBUH). 

 One of Hadith says God, (to whom be ascribed all perfection and majesty), honors and dignifies this month. He describes it by the most generous because in it the mercy is filled by lot of generosity. The hadith tells us: when the month of Rajab comes, the Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) assembles all Muslims and makes a speech…" Oh! Muslims! You are shaded by a grateful and honorable month; it's the most generous month, when the mercy spread the man who worships God, except a polytheist or a producer of heresy in Islam ".

 Further more, it's the season of supplications. The prophet tells us: " God to whom be ascribed all perfection and majesty nominates, in the seventh sky, an angel called the supplicant, when the month of Rajab comes, this angel exclaims each night of Rajab till morning : blessed be the one who extols God, blessed be the faithful ". 

 As well as, it's the month of the Night of Wishes that Prophet Mohammad focuses on its celebration when he said: "don't ignore the first Thursday's night, this is a night called by angels the Night of Wishes."    It's a month in which God likes the fast. The Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) tells us about the advantage of fasting: " …Oh! Who fast a day of Rajab, having faith in and satisfied with, merits the greatest gratification of God, moreover, his fast in that day extinguishes the anger of God and closes one of the hell's doors. If he gets the entire of earth full by gold, this won't be better than his fasting". 

 Knowing that, in this month God likes prostration and says while doing this, all through the month: "Oh, God! The fault of your servant is very big, let your forgiveness be from you ". (A part from supplication of Imam- ZainulAbedine(PBUH).)

The founder of the Islamic Republic also believed that Imam Ali (PBUH) established eternal patterns of social justice which should be followed by generations to come over the centuries.  

The religious  leader of contemporary history maintained that legacy of Imam Ali (PBUH) should be preserved in all fields of human societies. He  also  urged the whole human societies to follow footsteps of Imam Ali (peace be upon him) and other truthful successors of the holy prophet of Islam in order to gain prosperity and salvation.

According to Imam Khomeini, in the early days of Islam, the ideal Islamic government ruled twice: first at the time of the Holy Prophet Muhammad  and secondly when Imam Ali ibnAbiTalib (peace be upon them) governed the Muslim societies and set unprecedented divine patterns.

 They were the only two examples that the immaterial values dominated. In other words, they were governments of justice in which the rulers had never violated the law. During those two periods, a government of law was in control and perhaps we will never find another government of law with such qualities all over the world.

A government whose head was equal to the simplest citizen living there before the law. It happened in the government of the early Islam. In such a government all are equal before the law because the Islamic law is a divine one and all – whether the ruler, the Prophet, the Imam or the common people.

The historical accounts indicate that  Islamic leaders such as the holy prophet and his infallible successors such as Imam Ali (PBUH) were sitting among the people in small mosques and listening to their words.  Those who had the country's destiny in their hands were meeting the common people in the same mosque in such a way that when somebody entered the mosque could not differentiate the leader and government officials from the populace.

 They were just like people in their dress style and association. Justice was so applied that if a citizen from the lowest class of the society took a legal action against the first person in the country, the judge used to summon the leader who would attend the court.

The Noble Prophet of Islam and Imam Ali (peace be upon them) were also following the law, the Divine law.

The founder of the Islamic Republic frequently said  that if the human societies preserve Imam Ali’s legacy, they could be prevented from social and moral decline and a viable and  fair social justice could be established across the world. 

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