Imam presented deep Quranic perception: Rafsanjani

Imam presented deep Quranic perception: Rafsanjani

Chairman of Iran's Expediency Council Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani has praised Imam Khomeini as a Qurainic interpreter of great caliber in contemporary era.

The former Iranian president made remarks during a gathering of people who are tasked with holding an upcoming international summit on Qurainic views of Imam Khomeini.

He stressed that the great Imam has had presented very deep Quranic perception and comprehensions, and used to cite the Quranic verses on a wide range of matters during various stages of the Islamic revolution.

Imam made vast use of deep and accurate Quranic concepts while delivering his speeches and messages to guide people and authorities during the tough times of imposed war, which was waged by former Iraqi dictator Saddam, and his colonial backers against Iran, Rafsanjani added.

The senior official went onto say that founder of Islamic Republic has had adopted certain mystical method and approach while interpreting Quran. Imam’s spirituals, moral and ethical views have been closely associated to the divine book and are a deep reflection of Quran, he noted.

Rafsanjani  praised a commentary left by Imam on opening Surah of Quran and said that the great religious and spiritual figure of contemporary history could leave a complete commentary of the whole divine scripture if he had some more time.  

It is noteworthy that Imam’s Quranic comprehensions have been recently published in five-volume commentary by the institute for compilation and publication of Imam’s works.  

Rafsanjani also pointed out that the great Imam established a comprehensive and matchless Islamic government in contemporary era on the same pattern of the administrations, which were founded by the holy prophet, and his infallible successor in early eras of Islam

The founder of the Islamic Republic had written very deep and insightful books in several fields covering the philosophy, mysticism, poetry and Islamic jurisprudence.

The dynamic thought of the great Imam Khomeini will continue to inspire revolutions and guide the generations to come in various parts of the world. 

The works are increasing popular among scholars, research fellows and masses by passage of times.

Surveys show that the demand for Imam's works is on the rise in the region and several other continents around the globe.  

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