Call me When You Reach Qom

I was a resident in the Holy city of Qom. Before my departure, whenever I was going to see the Imam to take leave and say goodbye, he would assert: “Call me as soon as you reach Qom...” and emphasize that: “When you ring up tell Hajj Isa to come on the line and tell me so; just don’t simply call me up and tell me that you have reached. These people won’t come and tell me; they don’t think that I get anxious. You emphasize to Hajj Isa to come on the line and tell me.”  

I reflected on how concerned the Imam was about me although there were many people around who never asked me to do so—and after his demise as well no one showed such an attitude towards me. This statement of the Imam caused me to think that perhaps the Imam was extremely fond of me.

Name of the narrator: Farideh Mostafawi (the Imam’s daughter)

Title of the Book: Impressions and Memoirs about Imam Khomeini's Practical Behaviour, vol. 1, chapter one, page 14.

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