Imam Khomeini Denounced Terrorism

Imam Khomeini Denounced Terrorism

Imam Khomeini, the founder of the Islamic Republic used to denounce all forms of violence and terrorism.

Imam issued a strong message of condemnation after Ayatollah Dr. Sayyid Mohammad Hosseini Beheshti and more than seventy of his colleagues were killed in the attack on June 28, 1981, when a bomb exploded during a party meeting which is known as (Hafte tir bombing).

Beheshti was assassinated the bomb explosion during a meeting of the Islamic Republic Party. The bomb was planted by the MKO, which at that time was involved in a campaign of bombings and assassinations against officials of the Islamic Republic.

The great Imam praised Beheshti for rendering great services to the Islamic revolution.Imam Khomeini said in a historic message that Martyr Dr. Beheshti was himself a nation for us.

The religious and spiritual leader of the Muslim world made these remarks immediate after Beheshti was assassinated in a terror attack 34 years ago.

Imam Khomeini issued a statement following the tragic event and martyrdom of 7th Tir, on June 28 in 1981.

Iran nation lost 72 innocent people in this event, and the number is the same as it was in Karbala. Iran nation is proud of presenting such persons who devoted themselves in the way of Islam and Muslims. People's enemies martyred a group who had gathered for discussing about country’s policy.

Suppose you had hostility to Dr. Beheshti, who lived and died as an oppressed man, and was like a thorn in the eyes of Islam’s enemies and in yours, so what was the reason of your hostility toward more than 70 innocent people most of them who were people’s servants and had hard opposition to the enemies of the country and nation?

Although we have lost faithful and dear friends, that each of them was like a strong and precious shield for the oppressed people, and although we have lost responsible brothers who were like a steady dike for oppressed people and revolutionary organizations, but our people will make up every shortage by unity and trust in God.

Once more I congratulate and condole this big disaster to Imam Mahdi (May God hasten his reappearance), oppressed nations of the world and also Iran nation.

I am with you in sorrow and grief of dear families and I request patience from God for their dear families. God’s mercy and endless bless of nation to revolution martyrs from 15th Khordad (5 June) up to 7th Tir(28 June), and also bless to the world and Iranian oppressed nations throughout the history.

On the occasion, every year events are held across Iran to denounce all forms of terrorism and violence.

Several ceremonies are being held on the 34 martyrdom of  Beheshti’s and his colleagues in Iran and across the globe.

A main event was held in ‘Sarcheshmeh’ cultural center in the Iranian capital Tehran which was attended by several senior officials and public masses.

Dr. Beheshti remained alongside the great Imam during tough years of colonialism and struggle against the global arrogance. 

He was considered as key figure of the Islamic Revolution and  a right-hand of the great Imam.

The founder of the Islamic Republic frequently used to appreciate Beheshti’s political wisdom and his knowledge of worldly and religious affairs.

Dr. Beheshti was the founder of student activism in several European and Western countries.  He established a center for Iranian students in Europe, members of which became influential figures in Islamic Revolution and later in the managing affairs of the fledgling Islamic Revolution of Iran.

In addition to that, Beheshti was appointed as the chief incharge of the Hamburg Mosque in 1965, which was later upgraded to a full fledge “Hamburg Islamic Center”. He lived in Germany for about five years, and during this time he undertook serious efforts to reveal crimes being committed by the former Shah regime.

The great leader of the Muslim world assigned Beheshti with drafting the constitution of the Islamic Republic even months before the victory of the Islamic Revolution in 1979.

Dr. Beheshti became one of the original members of the Council of Revolution of Iran and soon its chairman following the victory of the Islamic Revolution.  In the first post-revolutionary Iranian parliament, he led the Islamic Republic party.

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