He placed the martyr’s child on his knees

Once an Italian lady had written a letter to the Imam and sent a gold necklace along with it. In the letter there was a word which the translator concluded was not in the English language and thus the complete translation of the letter was put on hold for some time and so we could not decide what to do about the donated necklace. After we managed to translate the letter fully, it became clear that she was an Italian woman of Christian faith who had mentioned in her letter that, “I saw the manifestation of Jesus Christ (SA) in your person and found you to be the true ‘spirit of God’ (meaning Ruhollah—the Imam’s first name); and although I have not seen you as yet but I feel that I am living in the era of Jesus Christ (SA) and the Christian life has been breathed into my existence through you.” In her letter she continued: “Because of my love for His Holiness Jesus Christ (SA) and for you as the manifestation of His Holiness Christ (SA) in this era, I am donating to you the most invaluable and exquisite souvenir of my marriage in order that you expend it in any way that you consider expedient.” When we took the translation of the letter together with the necklace to the Imam, he took the necklace and placed it inside a box in which he kept his writing pen. The next day which was the winter season and there were no appointments for visitors as well, we were in the presence of the Imam. The child of a martyr had been brought to see the Imam. Because the child was standing alone in the courtyard, it felt lonely and began to cry. The Imam raised his head and looked inside the courtyard and then in an angry tone stated: “You are seeing that a child is crying (he was quite upset); why is this child here? Why is she crying?” After being told about her circumstances, he asked that she be brought inside his room immediately. We kept aside our unfinished business and hurriedly brought the child in. On seeing the small girl, the Imam’s countenance changed and it clearly showed that he was very upset and thus we brought the girl inside his room. The Imam extended both his hands towards the child and embraced and hugged her. Then he placed her on his lap and set his face against hers and began to converse with her such that we who were just a meter away could not figure out what he was telling her. A few moments later we saw the child smiling in the Imam’s lap and then with the gold necklace placed round her neck, she left his room in utter happiness.

Name of the narrator: Hujjat al-Islam wal Muslimeen Rahimian

Title of the Book: Impressions and Memoirs about Imam Khomeini's Practical Behaviour, vol. 1, chapter two, page 204


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