He remained calm at the height of pain

On most occasions I was with the Imam especially during times he was down with illness. When the doctors came to give him injections, they opined that the injections ought to be injected in the vein which of course has a certain amount of pain and causes a person to twinge. But I even noticed that it did not cause any change in his position meaning that he would continue to murmur invocations calmly without any sighing or groaning as the injection was being administered. Even one of the doctors had narrated that when he would perform certain medical tasks on him that involved a lot of pain, he would in particular look at the Imam’s countenance to see his reaction when in pain. He notes that: “He had such a calm and composed look and continued to murmur invocations that there was no evident difference in the expression on his face between the time when I would—as was the case—insert or remove a tube.” The physician had remarked that he was convinced there were occasions when he would be establishing contact (with the spiritual world) and this was for instance at times when he left this world. He adds: “But I myself witnessed very clearly that at times of indisposition and illness, and in spite of the illness being severe and his entire face being covered with sweat beads, yet I never saw him grimace or twitch as a result of the pain and suffering.”   

Name of the narrator: Zahra Mostafawi

Title of the Book: Impressions and Memoirs about Imam Khomeini's Practical Behaviour, vol. 1, chapter six, page 310

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