Muslim states must oversee Hajj

Muslim states must oversee Hajj

The secretary general of Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah says the Saudi regime should allow a joint committee of Muslim countries to oversee the management of annual Hajj pilgrimage.

In an interview with the Lebanese al-Manar TV channel on Friday, Nasrallah heaped scorn on Riyadh for refusing any assistance in handling Hajj affairs, saying the monarchy is fully responsible for the fatal stampede in Mina outside the holy city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia.

Nasrallah further said Saudi Arabia should allow Muslim countries to help the kingdom run the Hajj pilgrimage rituals, emphasizing the need for the formation of a Muslim committee to “supervise the management” of the annual Islamic event.

The Hezbollah leader also said a group of Muslim countries should be formed to probe the fatal stampede during Hajj rites.

We call for the participation of delegates from the countries with the largest number of casualties in the investigation committee in the pilgrimage incident, Nasrallah said.

He made the comments a day after some 2,000 Hajj pilgrims reportedly lost their lives in a stampede that took place near the holy city of Mecca, with hundreds of others injured or missing.

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