World must act to stop terror support

World must act to stop terror support

Iran’s foreign minister says the international community must take action to stop foreign support for terrorist groups in the Middle East.

In a Sunday meeting with the UN special envoy for Iraq, Yan Kubish, in Tehran, the Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif denounced support for terrorist groups, including Daesh Takfiri militants, and said, “The international community should block the continuation of direct and indirect support for these groups.”

He added that the US-led coalition purportedly fighting the Daesh terrorist group in Iraq has had a weak and unacceptable performance, Press TV reported.

Stressing that the situation in Iraq has an important and direct impact on stability and security of the entire Middle East, Zarif urged the international community to support the Iraqi government in its fight against terrorism.

The Iranian minister reaffirmed the Islamic Republic’s support for Iraq’s unity and territorial integrity in the neighboring country, saying, “Any solution [to the tension in the Arab country] should strengthen unity, security and stability in Iraq and the region.”

Since September 2014, the US, along with some of its allies, has been conducting air raids against what are said to be positions of Daesh terrorists inside Syria without any authorization from Damascus or a UN mandate.

The air assaults in Syria are an extension of the US-led aerial campaign against purported Daesh positions in Iraq, which started in August 2014.

The UN envoy, for his part, said reinforcing national unity in Iraq is the key to the settlement of the ongoing problems in the country.

Kubish added that national reconciliation, support for the central Iraqi government and efforts to win global participation to settle security, economic and social problems in Iraq are among priorities of the United Nations.

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