Terrorism 'germ' spreading worldwide

Terrorism 'germ' spreading worldwide

Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani says terrorism has turned into a “dangerous microbe” that is spreading across the region and the world.

In a meeting with visiting Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orbán in Tehran on Tuesday, Rouhani said major powers' interference in the internal affairs of countries are among the root causes of terrorism, Press TV reported. 

The president also urged all countries to fight terrorist groups. 

"Today, terrorism has degenerated into a dangerous microbe that is spreading across the region and the world," Rouhani said, adding, “Terrorism is currently the most evident symbol of violence and extremism in the world and we believe that it is an international challenge for all.” 

He noted that equality and respect for nations’ rights are among basic issues in international relations.

Rouhani called for coordinated action against terrorism, saying, “We should exhaust our capabilities in confronting terrorism, and Iran and Hungary can have good cooperation in line with such important regional and international objectives.” 

The Iranian president said the purchase of looted oil by a country from terrorists as well as the opening of one's borders to terrorist amount to supporting terrorism. 

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