Imam Khomeini’s historic letter contained deep vision

Imam Khomeini’s historic letter contained deep vision

Mikhail Gorbachev, the former head of Soviet Union said that Imam Khomeini’s letter contained very deep points and vision.

The historic letter was delivered to Gorbachev by Imam’s personal envoy, Ayatollah Abdullah Javadi Amoli in the Russian capital Moscow in Moscow in early January 1989.

Imam had predicted the collapse of communism and warned him against relaying on the West 

''It is clear to everyone that Communism should henceforth be sought in world museums of political history,'' Imam said in a message

 “Materialism cannot save humanity from the crisis of disbelief in spirituality, which is the basic affliction of human societies in the West and the East.''

The letter came at a time when the world had been divided into Eastern and Western blocs. 

The founder of the Islamic Republic invited the Soviet Union officials to conduct a serious research about Islam which could prevent them from falling into social and moral decline. 

 “In conclusion, I declare outright that the Islamic Republic of Iran as the greatest and most powerful base of the Islamic world can easily fill the vacuum of religious faith in your society. In any case, our country honors good neighborhood and bilateral relations as in the past. Peace be upon those who follow the guidance.”

The letter was widely welcomed by the former Soviet Union chief as also sent Eduard Shevardnadze, the then foreign minister with a letter to express his appreciation for Imam Khomeini.

Gorbachev launched Islamic research centers and promised to implement Imam’s advises by taking a series of serious step. 

Gorbachev delivered his official response to Imam Khomeini’s historic letter through the then Soviet foreign minister, Edward Shevardnadze in Tehran. 

Imam Khomeini’s letter to Gorbachev was narrated by an Iranian delegation 

Shevardnadze as Gorbachev's special envoy delivered the response to Imam in the Iranian capital, Tehran. “I have a mission to deliver the response letter of Mikhail Sergey Gorbachev to Imam. I will try to inform you about its contents briefly.” 

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