Imam Khomeini, nation had mutual trust, honesty

Imam Khomeini, nation had mutual trust, honesty

An Iranian figure says the key behind victory of the Islamic Revolution has been mutual trust between Imam Khomeini and the Iranian nation.

An Iranian intellectual says that the key behind victory of the Islamic movement Imam Khomeini's mutual trust with nation.

Seyyed Ali Sun’e Khani, who also defended the country on front during the long imposed war launched by the Iraqi dictator Saddam against Iran, has said in a written piece that the key to success of the Islamic revolution have been mutual trust and honesty between the Iranian nation and its founder.

In an article, published on Jamran news website, Khani pointed out that Imam and nation had always put trust at eaother which led to numerous accomplishments for the revolution.

He went onto say that from very beginning when Imam had made a historic return to Tehran after spending nearly 15 years in exile, Imam had expressed his full trust on nation.

Imam on certain historic occasion had said that “I would appoint the government with the support and backing of the nation.”

Imam had announced to hold the historic referendum in order to democratically approve and establish the Islamic-democratic system with massive support of public in the country, Khani noted.

He went onto say that Imam managed all crises during tough times of imposed war with a great support and backing by the masses and people.

Imam established an Islamic-democratic system following the victory of the Islamic Revolution under his wise leadership. The Islamic system, which has had massive support among the Iranian masses, put the country on right track of progress and won hearts and minds of the people. 

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