Imam Khomeini's practical conduct confronts extremism

Imam Khomeini's practical conduct confronts extremism

The head of the Word Assembly of AhlulBayt says the teachings and practical conduct of Imam Khomeini confronts all types’ extremism.

Hojjat al­Islam Mohammad Hassan Akhtari, Secretary General, Word Assembly of AhlulBayt said that Imam Khomeini’s genuine teachings, character and practical conduct confronts all types of terrorism and extremism.

He went onto say Imam Khomeini advised against resorting to any violent means during the popular uprising which toppled the Pahlavi regime and led to the victory of the Islamic Revolution.

The senior cleric emphasized that Imam was against all types of terrorism, extremism, vandalism and destruction.

Hojjatul Islam Akhtari pointed out that Imam Khomeini staunchly opposed those certain elements who wanted to attack cinemas or any other center during years of struggle for the Islamic Revolution.

He noted that Imam led a peaceful struggle by putting faith in God, the Alimighty, and with massive support of people which led to the victory of the Islamic Revolution in 1979.

He concluded by saying that we can learn lesson from Imam’s practical conduct and confront all forms of extremism, bloodshed and massacres.

The cleric also stressed that Imam’s genuine thought and ideals are based on Quran and the divine book calls for all followers of religions towards peaceful dialogue.

His remarks come as several militant groups are wreaking havoc across several countries, especially in Syria and Iraq.

It is noteworthy that Imam Khomeini, the founder of the Islamic Republic was against any type of militancy or terrorism.

Imam Khomeini always advised his followers to adopt peaceful means and legal channels to claim their rights. 

Hojjat al­Islam Akhtari said that Imam stood against all vicious plots and goals of colonial, exploiting and occupational powers such as the US and the Israeli regime.  

Imam raised his voice and the Palestinian issue at international forums and on international levels.

It is notable that Imam established Islam-democratic system despite opposition by hostile power. The Islamic system strengthened the Muslim nations and supported the oppressed people.

Elsewhere in his remakes, Hojjat al­Islam Mohammad Hassan Akhtari added that Word Assembly of AhlulBayt had established hundreds of set ups which promote the pure teachings of Islam and the genuine thought of Imam Khomeini.






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