President Rouhani stresses economic boom

President Rouhani stresses economic boom

Iranian president Hassan Rouhani in a recent address has highlighted the need for the country’s economic boom.

In a recent speech, president Hasan Rouhani offering the hope of economic upturn and urged that people must elect those for the upcoming elections who pay more attention to the country’s economic boom and prosperity. 

He also stressed that more efforts were needed to attract more capital, investment and technology and realization of the prosperity and boom of the Iranian economy.

He also suggested several initiatives for the creation of jobs, an increase in exports and investments.

President Hasan Rouhani made remarks during a summit which was attended by members of labors, workers, businessmen, officials and people from various walks of life. 

It is worthy to mention that Imam Khomeini, the founder of the Islamic Republic, had frequently recommended relevant authorities to pay attention to people’s social and economic needs. 

Imam set up several funds to held and provide assistance to the poor and needy people.

Imam Khomeini himself opted a simple lifestyle even after becoming the leader of the Islamic Revolution, and had distributed all of his ancestral farm lands among needy farmers and took several initiates for the country economic independence. 

The Islamic-democratic system under wise leadership of Imam Khomeini made economic, social and scientific progress and gradually became stronger and better well off and prosperous.

Iranian senior officials have always pledged allegiance to Imam’s ideals and have sought for vast participation of masses in all fields, including cultural, social, economic and political arenas. 

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