Imam Khomeini promoted spirituality, democratic values

Imam Khomeini promoted spirituality, democratic values

Imam Khomeini, the founder of the Islamic Republic promoted divine and democratic values by facilitating participation of the mass public

The Islamic Revolution which emerged triumphant by relying on God, the Almighty, and massive public support changed the balance of power in the interests of the world oppressed nations. Imam Khomeiniinstructed to hold a historic referendum immediately after the victory of the Islamic Revolution despite all hurdles and troubles. 

The Islamic Republic has held several presidential, parliamentary and Assembly of Expert elections since the establishment of the democratic system in 1079.  Imam Khomeini thought his messages maintained that the religion and politics are inseparable and promoted the divine, religious, social, cultural and moral values altogether.  The world Muslim leader believed that the holy prophet of Islam also had attached the world affairs and the world politics by inviting the empires of his time towards divine religion.

Imam had great knowledge of history, Islamic sciences and was decorated with precious human, moral and mystical and ethical values. He promoted the politics which was absolutely based on moral and ethical norms and was had no elements of deception. He was a religious leader who had strong belief in collective wisdom and people power. He always stood along the people and the mass public also never left him alone and declared their support for him during thick or thin times. 

Imam Khomeini once said in his historic address that he would be preferred to be called as a ‘servant of the nation’.  He opted to adopt a very simple lifestyle despite being a leader of the great Iranian nation and the world Islamic Ummah, and the oppressed people around the globe.  Imam Khomeini, the founder of the Islamic Republic, strongly influenced the world politics by establishing an Islamic-democratic system. 

Imam opposed all injustice on international level by opposing to Israeli occupation, and defending the rights of Palestinian nation. He also raised voice against any discrimination, inequality and injustices being practiced by the colonial powers against the developing nations or oppressed people. Imam became a voice for voiceless at very sensitive juncture of history when the colonial powers had divided the world into two eastern and Western blocs. Imam’s divine legacy is becoming increasingly popular among the world public opinion and is becoming very appealing for next generations.   

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