Humanity needs to explore Imam Ali (PBUH) divine character

Humanity needs to explore Imam Ali (PBUH) divine character

Imam Khomeini, the founder of the Islamic Republic recommended to entire humanity to explore and follow the divine personality of Imam Ali, the truthful successor of the holy prophet of Islam.

According to Dr.  Fatima Tabatabei, Imam Khomeini used to maintain that comprehending high-scale and insightful divine perspectives of Imam Ali’s personality is not possible for ordinary men. Serious spiritual efforts are needed to conceive his divine personality and epistemology about his virtues

The daughter-in-law of Imam Khomeini made remarks during a recent academic gathering held to mark the birth anniversary of Imam Ali which falls on 13 Rajab on the Islamic lunar calendar.

Dr.  Tabatabai, the head of department of the Imam Khomeini and Islamic Revolution Research Center, and head of Iran’s Scientific Association of Islamic Mysticism also went onto say that  the most significant virtue of Imam Ali (PBUH) has been his devotion and humbleness to God, the Almighty.

 Elsewhere in his remarks, Tabatabai stressed Imam Khomeini believed that the figures who are placed in leading positions to serve public should decorate themselves with divine virtues, and must get rid themselves of from  being furious, nervous or any feelings of animosity. 

Imam Khomeini through his speeches, messages and works urged the whole human societies to follow footsteps of Imam Ali (peace be upon him) in order to gain prosperity and salvation.

The founder of the Islamic Republic attracted the attraction of entire Muslim nations and human societies to study and analyze the patterns of social justice set by Imam Ali and his the people of his holy household (peace be upon them).

Imam Khomeini send regular messages on birthday anniversary of Imam Ali and invited all elites and masses to follow footsteps of the truthful successor of the holy prophet in all perspectives of life.

Imam frequently maintained that legacy of Imam Ali (PBUH) should be preserved in all fields of human societies.

In the early days of Islam, the ideal Islamic government ruled twice: first at the time of the Holy Prophet Muhammad and secondly when Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib (peace be upon them) governed the Muslim societies and set unprecedented divine patterns.

They are remembered as the justice administrations in which the rulers had never violated the rule of law. A government whose head was equal to the simplest citizen living there before the law.

Imam Khomeini repeatedly emphasized that if the human societies shield Imam Ali’s legacy, they could be prevented from plunging into moral and social and moral decline.

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