Youths largely contributed to victory of revolution

Youths largely contributed to victory of revolution

According to Imam Khomeini, the founder of the Islamic Republic, self-training and purification can play a key role in success of the youths and current generations.

Imam Khomeini believed that the youth largely contributed to emergence of the Islamic Revolution and has remained as a key element and factor in its survival as well.

From very beginning, Imam had maintained very amicable ties and spiritual relations with the young generations.

Imam Khomeini, a great Muslim scholar with unprecedented wisdom and knowledge, inspired the young generation by raising awakening and awareness among them.

Imam on several occasion through his speeches and messages described youths as great divine treasures, spiritual capitals and fragrant flowers of the Muslim world.

On the other hand, the existing mutual spiritual ties between Imam and the young generation had created a great amount of enthusiasm among the youths to create great and unprecedented epics.

The young people had done great jobs and accomplished several missions while taking part in the struggle for the Islamic Revolution and during the years of war which was imposed by the then Iraqi dictator Saddam against Iran.   

Imam highlighted the fact on multiple occasions that youths are blessed with purification, truthfulness, bravery and enthusiasm.

He recommended youths to protect their divine-oriented instinct and decorate themselves with high moral virtues and characteristics in order to accomplish the worldly prosperity and the salvation hereafter.   

The founder of the Islamic Republic deemed each of the youth as a source of esteem and sovereignty and expected them to make themselves capable of handling grave responsibilities in all tough situations and circumstances.

Imam Khomeini, who had undergone spiritual self-training and with purification of soul, also advised the young generations to do the same in order to get desired divine objectives and goals.

Imam once said that the "Youths can better engage in self-purification as they have proximity to the divine abode."

Imam also said in one of his historic address stressed as following:

"You young educated people, with whatever mission you have been assigned with, have grave responsibilities. Defending Islam is an obligation of each Muslim and shielding the independence and sovereignty of the nation is also among key Islamic duties. Youths must undertake serious efforts in order to introduce the genuine divine religion of Islam from various perspectives including, its governance and justice capacities, to the human societies."

Imam also recommended the youths to remove obstacles erected by some ignorant and extremist people on the way to correct understanding of the genuine teachings of Islam.

Imam has had great hopes that young people can largely contribute to the continuation and strengthening the divine revolutionary movement. "The future of the country has been assigned to the youth and they shouldn't be negligible towards shielding and protecting it."

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