Imam Khomeini highlighted key Public role

Imam Khomeini highlighted key Public role

The late founder of the Islamic Republic used to underscore that people play key role in all political and governmental affairs.

Imam Khomeini believed that the Islamic Revolution victory has been a gift from God, the Almighty, and was accomplished with untiring efforts of people and public masses.

Imam attached great significance to people, and frequently recommended the senior authorities to render services to masses and pay special attention to solve their problems and needs.

The Muslim world leader used to describe himself as a servant to nation and proved this in theory and practice.

The late founding leader of the Islamic Revolution through his messages and speeches emphasized on fulfilling needs of all echelon of society, especially the needy and oppressed people.

He advised the people to take an active part in all social, political, cultural and governmental affairs.

Imam once said that “we will take all steps by considering the public interest, and will fulfill all their legitimate and Islamic demands.”

The founder of the Islamic Republic said at another occasion that “Focal point of our policy is to protect independence, freedom and the public interests, and we will not sacrifice this policy in any situation.”




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