Imam Khomeini expected sportsmen to boost moral values

Imam Khomeini expected sportsmen to boost moral values

The late founder of the Islamic Republic expected sportsmen to boost and promote moral values and spirituality.

Imam Khomeini used to meet and address sportsmen on several occasions and advised them to win fame and good name for the divine religion of Islam and the nation.

Imam recommended them to decorate themselves with morality alongside improving and enhancing their professional skills and capabilities.

In accordance with the Islamic tradition, Imam put emphasizes on promoting exercise, healthy types and entertainment and sports across schools, universities and all other institutions. It has been truly said that a healthy man bears a healthy mind and soul.

Imam himself had attached significance to exercise by regularly taking a walk and included it in his daily schedule.

He sought the sportsmen to take an active part in all religious, social, cultural arenas and contribute to raising awareness among the society, and be present in all fields.

It is worthy to mention that the victory of the Islamic Revolution under wise leadership of Imam Khomeini put Iran back on track of scientific progress and Iran accomplished achievements in a vast range of fields including sports.

Iranian athletes, sportsmen and players have won international titles in international sports competition and have won a great reputation for the Islamic Republic and the Muslim world.  

Following the instructions and recommendation by Imam, the Iranian authorities have undertaken serious efforts and initiatives to make access of people from all walks of life to the sports complexes and facilities.   

Imam believed that sportsmen also should play a key contribution towards solving the plight, sufferings and problems of the society.

It is a reality that the sports people have influence and loved by people, so they can play a very positive role in removing poverty and illiteracy from society. They can also be helpful in promoting and leading progress and development projects.

Several Islamic traditions also support the promotion of positive exercise and sports activities among the societies. The sports can also prevent people from indulging into laziness and idleness.

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