Imam Khomeini lauded late Ayatollah Khatami's piousness

Imam Khomeini lauded late Ayatollah Khatami's piousness

The late founder of the Islamic Republic used to hail late Ayatollah Khatami, a senior cleric in central Iranian city of Yazd, for exercising piousness and displaying divine virtues.

Highlighting his divine character, Imam Khomeini once said “whenever I saw at Ayatollah Khatami’s facial features, he would bring to my mind God’s dignity.”

In return, Ayatollah Khatami had showed great devotion and loyalty towards Imam by frequently saying that “the founder of the Islamic Republic had been an unprecedented figure and source of pride for the entire Muslim world.”

He stood shoulder to shoulder with Imam throughout thick and thin times during the struggle against Pahlavi regime.

Ayatollah Khatami, the senior Iranian cleric, was appointed as prayer leader in the city of Yazd by Imam Khomeini in July 1982.

He played a great role in guiding public masses in Yazd and elsewhere.

The victory of Islamic Revolution in 1979 under the wise leadership of Imam Khomeini revived the divine values at sensitive juncture of history when the entire world had been plunged into moral and social decline.

The Islamic-democratic system established by Imam put Iran on track of progress and defended the rights of Muslims and oppressed nations in recent era.

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