Shah regime, hypocrites inflicted damages

Shah regime, hypocrites inflicted damages

Imam Khomeini once said in a historic address that the Pahlavi regime and hypocrites have inflicted serious damaged on the country.

During the historic speech which was delivered in the Iranian city of Qom, the late founder of the Islamic Republic also said that the nation has also suffered cultural and spiritual blows by the puppet regime of Shah.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Imam also denounced the hypocrates and opportunists were attempting to harm the Islamic-democratic system following the downfall of Shah and victory of the Islamic Revoluton.

The full text of the speech comes as following:


Date: December 41, 9791(Azar 32, 8531 AHS/ Muharram 42, 0041 AH)

Place: Qom

Subject: The three dimensional danger of the pseudo-pious ones, quasi-intellectuals and the hypocrites

Audience: Supervisors and employees of the Fourteen-chapter Imam Khomeini Relief Committee Center

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

The relief committee and the mission of giving relief aid

I would like to thank you, sisters and brothers of the relief committee, for coming here today and for your endeavors. I pray for all of you. You are well aware of the fact that there are a lot of destructions everywhere in this country and we need your assistance. Our nation and country needs this relief aid in many different ways. This is because the damage done to this nation and country is multifaceted. To compensate for this destruction we will need your assistance. One sort of aid is material damage. You, gentlemen, sisters and brothers, have endeavored to provide relief aid to make up for the physical damage suffered by the people who had been deprived during all this time. They have been injured. They have suffered miseries. They t have become disabled. They have lost their homes. Their lives might have been ruined. All these calamities were caused by the past regime and the things need to be repaired; thank God, you, brothers, sisters and other benefactors have helped and will help. It is hope that the reparation will be easy and soon.

Another sort of damage suffered by this nation is spiritual in nature. Our nation has suffered both spiritual and cultural blows. Of course, this second kind of damage need more time to be compensated for, more than the material losses. Also, it is the injuries sustained by these individuals and the handicaps, poverty in the country and the spiritual losses that need reparation more than anything else and it is not soon before they could be amended.

The danger posed by opportunists and hypocrites

Now people are inclined towards Islam. However, these hypocrites, too, pretend to be revolutionaries. When others lost their sons, their houses and their wealth, these opportunists were resting at home. They did not assist even if they were silent. They were merely spectators. Some were resting outside the country and were closely watching to find out who the winner would be. Now that the Muslim group came out victorious, they marched behind the banner of Islam but they never cease performing their devilish acts. On the surface, they support Islam and would call the previous regime as" taghout", but deep inside they are against Islam and the Islamic republic. If Carter got control over Iran now they would support and welcome him. Of course, these individuals now continue to have their close relations with the United States. It is one of the traits of the hypocrites to support the man in power. Even at the time of the Great Prophet) s (, he was more harassed by the hypocrites than by the infidels. The infidels opposed the Prophet) s (. Sometimes they won the battles and at times they lost. But what could he do with the hypocrites who would claim that they were for Islam and believedit? What could the Prophet (s) do with Abousufyan and his followers? They hypocrites told the Prophet (s) they were Muslims and they performed their prayers and even took part in congregations and listened to the prophet's lectures and at times they even shed tears. He could not do anything with these hypocrites.

Nowadays, we are confronting with these hypocrites. Dealing with them is more difficult than dealing with Muhammad-Rida. Muhammad-Rida was firm in his rule; he attached and killed people. The nation knew how to deal with him consequently, they started struggling against him. Today, however, there is group which has pretensions towards Islam, apparently invites people to Islam, talks about Islam, whose writings are for Islam and takes step for it but deep inside opposes it. Behind the curtain, this group differs with it. What must be done with this group? It is difficult to deal with this kind. Resolving the conflict with the hypocrites is arduous. The great Prophet could not solve this issue. The holy Amir) Imam `Ali) was afflicted by this issue and could not do anything. Resolving this is an arduous task.

Sahifeh, vol11, Page: 182-186

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