Imam established Islamic system, based on democracy, justice

Imam established Islamic system, based on democracy, justice

Imam Khomeini, the late founder of the Islamic Republic once said that the Islamic system in Iran will be based on democracy and justice.

Imam once said in a historic interview with international media that the Islamic-democratic system will be established following the victory of Islamic Revolution.

The contemporary leader of the Muslim world also made clear that Islamic-democratic system under his wise leadership would promote democracy and justice and uphold Islamic laws.

The founder of the Islamic Revolution made remarks during his stay in exile in Neauphle-le-Chateau.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Imam said that brutal Shah should stand on trial because he had committed treacheries towards the nation, destroyed institutions and had relied on colonial powers.

The full text of the historic interview comes as following:


Date: November 27, 1978

Place: Neauphle-le-Chateau, Paris, France

Subject: Shah's escape from Iran, Iran's future developments

Interviewer: A reporter of the British Time Television

Question: I have come from the British Time Television to France and I am very happy to interview you. We were in Iran for three weeks, interviewed various people and have got certain information. It is my feeling that the Shah should go. This program will be shown on December 7, that is, after nineteen days, in England and I hope that it will be an impartial program. Your Eminence, how do you evaluate the present situation of your county?

Answer: The present atmosphere is increasingly against the Shah and God willing it shall shortly achieve its definite result, that is, the collapse of the Shah and the establishment of a just government.

Q: What is your future plan for the Shah? Should he go, or can he reign?

A: Shah will never have any position to reign and we will never allow such a position for him. But, he can leave only if he flees, otherwise the nation will arrest, try and punish him.

Q: What are your main reasons for opposing the Shah?

A: The Shah's excessive treacheries in all fields are our main reasons for opposing him. In contravention to all legal criteria, he has ruled for many years. His excessive massacres, his dependence on the aliens, and his destruction of the country in all its aspects condemn his usurping government. The nation does not want him; he must go.

Q: Do you intend to declare jihad?

A: Not now, but in case the aliens support him and the struggles prolong, I will review this issue.

Q: Is it correct that you have announced to carry out sabotage in the oil installations?

A: No, I have not allowed sabotage. But if our oil is to be taken up to the end, some measures might be taken so they will not be able to take it.

Q: May you kindly refer to some details and elaborate on the Islamic government?

A: The Islamic government means a government based on justice and democracy and a government based on Islamic rules and laws; I do not have time to explain more right now.

Q: What changes do you intend to bring about in future Iran?

A: We will reconstruct the destruction carried out by the Shah and basically will reform the shortcomings created due to the monarchical system. We will destroy all the rotten and vain frameworks that have pushed the people toward West oxidation during the past fifty years and will establish a government based on justice and fairness for all the strata of our homeland. We will ask our people to rely on their Islamic principles and turn their backs to the West and the Westoxicated people, who have destroyed their culture. Through any possible means, we will liberate ourselves from the military, economic, social, political, and cultural dependencies. Of course we are aware of the kind of problems we will face, but we should begin almost from square one.

Sahifeh, vol5, Page: 131-132

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