Ahmad Khomeini, stood by Imam and revolution through thick and thin times

Ahmad Khomeini, stood by Imam and revolution through thick and thin times

Late Seyyed Ahmad Khomeini, the son of the founder of the Islamic Revolution has been considered as treasure because he had been aware and well familiar with the history of the Islamic Revolution.

He stayed along Imam during tough years of exile and stood behind Imam for historic struggle which lead to the victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran.

He had been considered as right-hand and the key sincere advisor to Imam who stood by the revolution in thick and thin times.

Imam Khomeini, the leader of contemporarily Muslim world had highly trusted his learned son during tough years of struggle against the Shah regime and its backers.

When he came to this world on 1324 AHS/1956, his eyes fell upon the father who had been bestowed with spiritual blessings. Sincethat moment, his destiny turned closely associated and became intertwined with the father.

The father (Imam Khomeini) whispered the Adhan as a first voice in ear of the new-born baby.

The baby name was chosen as Ahmad, who became so cherished for the dad and dear to entire family.

Reciting of spiritual supplications by his father at nights, and broad day discussions about performance of divine obligations and concerns regarding how to relieve people form clutches of the tyrannical and monarchial rule had provided grounds for his political and intellectual growth.

In such circumstances, he learned his social experiences and became familiar with the contradictions and problems gripping the society.

From early childhood, he had been physically active and experienced wholehearted enthusiasm.

After passing his primary education, he decided to pursue further studies in sciences.

His interest in football developed during 3rdyear of secondary school and became captain of a team in city of Qom.

The popular uprising of June 1963, which followed after the arrest of Imam caused a great transformation in Ahmad’s life. The events resulted in strengthening his contacts with prominent seminary figures, combatants and figures from various walks of the society.

The spiritual advantages however from the father’s presence did not last long as Pahlavi regime agents, who were eager to send Imam into exile, didn’t allow him to share and define grave responsibilities for Ahmad.

Since very early days of Imam’s exile, he sought to rush to see father in order to know his duties and obligations.

In 1964, he secretly travelled to the Iranian border city of Abadan in order to reach the Iraqi holy city of Najaf in order to join Imam there.

Finally, Imam made a historic return in early February in 1979 to homeland after spending several years in exile.

Shortly after the victory of Islamic Revolution, Imam decided to moveto the holy Iranian city of Qom in order to take care of the household and run affairs of the Islamic-Republic.

During this period, Ahmad had inclusively transferred Imam’s messages and guidelines to relevant centers with absolute sincerity, and never doubted or fell short of doing follow-ups.

Ahmad who had struggled hard for the victory of Islamic Revolution had now become a veteran consultant for Imam, senior officials and the country’s institutions.

The death is a kind of migration from this material world to the eternal abode. He witnessed passing away of his father (Imam Khomeini) on June 03, 1989.

At a time when the Islamic society was suffering from critical condition, the Assembly of Experts convened a meeting next day in order to select the most capable successor of Imam.

His eminence Ahmad, as Imam’s son, had distinguished moral characteristics who had accomplished peak of ethical norms following martyrdom of several of his comrades.

He also behaved people with smiling face and excellence moral.

In addition, he had stayed away from any type of jealousy towards individuals.

Honesty and keeping secrets can be considered as two of his most prominent qualities.

In March 1995, the people became so worried when Ahmad was hospitalized due to heart condition.

Unfortunately, five days of constant struggle by a medical team couldn’t bring result.

Ahmad, whose sacrifices will be always remembered by devotees, passed away and rushed to join his father in heavens on March 17, 1995.

His services for the Islamic Revolution and the Muslim Ummah will always be remembered by the generations for decades to come.


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