Creatures are all in God’s presence, stressed Imam Khomeini

Creatures are all in God’s presence, stressed Imam Khomeini

Imam Khomeini, the late founder of the Islamic Republic through his theological works stresses that the universe and the order of existence is the domain of God.

Imam Khomeini also emphasizes that the creatures are all in God, the Almighty’s presence.

From his point of view, every individual is connected to his Creator without an intermediary.

Therefore human beings are obliged to adopt a method in life by which they can feel the presence of the Sacred Truth.

The heavens and the earth are founded in a place because of affection, Imam highlights this point in his book “Misbah al-Hedaya”

According to the Imam’s thinking, the cause of creation, divine attachment and affection of the Sacred Truth and the effect of the upward swing and journey towards the Sacred Truth is the love and affection of the worshipper.

From the point of view of the Imam, the restless institution of existence cannot be justified except with intrinsic love of the particles of universe for connecting with the Lover.

The stance and method of the Imam in life was absolute adoration and sole submission to the Exalted source. His heart was drawn towards devotion to Him and he had surrendered his heart to Him.

However, this characteristic was derived from his original philosophical – spiritual thought that considered the aim and aspiration of creation to be worship, absolute adoration and sheer servitude for the philosophy of creation and existence of man is to attain absolute adoration.

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