Imam Khomeini hailed sacrifices of Abu'l-Fadhl al-Abbas

Imam Khomeini hailed sacrifices of Abu'l-Fadhl al-Abbas

Imam Khomeini, the late founder of the Islamic Republic issued special messages on the birthday anniversary of Abu'l-Fadhl Al-Abbas, the great martyr of Karbala.

Abu'l-Fadhl al-Abbas was called Abu'l-Fadhl (father -or owner- of virtue).. As a matter of fact, this name represents his personality completely, because he was the owner, leader, and source of virtue.

 In his life, he was so openhanded-he used to distribute his virtue and charity on everyone who directed to him. After martyrdom, he is the shelter and refuge of everyone who seeks his help.

The day is marked to take special care of “disabled of the holy defense”. The Iranian nation stood against eight-year long aggression by the then Iraq dictator Saddam and his colonial backers.

We bring phrases from Imam Khomeini’s historic messages in this regard as following:

I also congratulate the great Islam for having such combatants in the cause of truth who sacrifice everything in the cause of Islam and their Islamic country. They are an honor to not only Iran but also the future generations in the world.

Sahifeh-ye- Imam, Vol.18, page 124                          




Date: December 30, 1979 [Dey 9, 1358 AHS / Safar 10, 1400 AH]

Place: Qum

Subject: Expressing appreciation for the work of those handicaps in the war and the self-sacrificing devotees

Occasion: The week for the wounded and the invalid of the war

Addressees: The Iranian nation and the society of the war invalid 

My greetings to you, warriors, who rose up for the dignity and grandeur of your Islamic country and became disabled and wounded for your homeland. You gained honor for yourselves and made your countrymen feel both sorrow and pride and exultation. Praise be upon you; the war invalid, and wounded who lost your limbs and health to uphold the Holy Qur’an. The honorable nation of Iran and great Islam would never forget you, dearest ones...

Praise be upon the wounded and invalid brothers and sisters who bravely stood up to the tyrants for the truth and victory and made our nation proud in the world.


Sahifeh-ye- Imam, Vol.11, page 357      

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