Imam Khomeini hailed Motahhari's efforts to spread knowledge, awareness

Imam Khomeini hailed Motahhari's efforts to spread knowledge, awareness

Imam Khomeini, the late founder of the Islamic Republic, in a historic message praised Ayatollah Motahari for his untiring efforts to spread knowledge and awareness in the society.

 Iranians at special ceremonies each year pay tribute to their teachers on the National Teachers' Day.

Teachers' Day in Iran is celebrated on May 2 each year. It is celebrated to honor the martyrdom of Morteza Motahhari, a great contemporary Muslim scholar who left several works as academic legacy.

The event is observed across the country, especially at educational institutions where students plan special ceremonies.

Morteza Motahhari, who had been a right hand of Imam Khomeini, was assassinated in 1979 in Teheran by hypocrites and treacherous elements. Imam Khomeini trained several scholars like Motahhari who contributed to intellectual growth of the Iranian nation and entire Muslim world.

Motahhari was a capable cleric, lecturer, and politician.

Motahhari had been teaching philosophy in the University of Tehran for 22 years.

He wrote several works on history, Iran, and Islam. Some of his lectures were collected in forms of books and published after his death by his former students.

Imam Khomeini had recommended the young generations, university and seminary scholars to pay special attention to precious works left by Martyr Morteza Motahari.  

Imam Khomeini, the founder of the Islamic Republic, issued a following historic message on the occasion of his martyrdom.

In the name of God, the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful

Truly we are from God and we will return to Him 

 “Hereby I would express my condolences as well as my congratulation to Islam, the Islamic nation, especially to the resisting nation of Iran for this disaster of loosing the honorable Professor Haj Sheikh Morteza Motahhari (May his spirit be sanctified).

Condolence because of the martyrdom of the one who dedicated his precious life to Islamic aims and he campaigned against the deviations, condolence because of the martyrdom of the man who had no counterpart on Islamology and the other branches of Islamic techniques and those of the Holy Quran.

I have lost a very dear child of mine and I mourn for him who was among the figures who were my life achievement.

Although I have lost a very dear son of mine who was part of my soul, I am proud of such devoted children in Islam.

Terrorists can not terror the personalities of the Muslim brave men. Islamic plans had been so far mixed with the martyrdom. Killing the enemies of God is among the guidelines of the Islamic planning.

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