Imam Khomeini paid special attention to ethics, moral excellence

Imam Khomeini paid special attention to ethics, moral excellence

Ethics and moral excellence, with peculiar status, has always had Imam Khomeini’s attention.

Imam Khomeini, the leader of contemporary of the Muslim world, always paid particular attention to morality, and viewed almost all socio-political issues from the moral perspective.

In the heart of Imam Khomeini’s way of thinking, ethics has a special status as he frequently recommend the faithful people to decorate themselves with moral excellence.

Ethics and moral played a key role in all actions of Imam Khomeini from the very beginning when he was a regular teacher at seminaries up to the time when he was in the midst of the political arena, led the people’s uprising, and established the Islamic Republic.

The purpose and result of the summons of the Seal of the Prophets is the perfection of morality.

The Messenger of God’s sayings were a manifestation of such kind of ethics which he made known as the purpose of his mission.

In this sense, mankind and humanity cannot consider himself needless of ethics since decoration of someone with ethics is the capital asset of felicities in both worlds:
In the noble traditions narrated by the holy prophet of Islam and his infallible successors, ethics and moral excellences have been given more importance than anything else. 

The paradise which is given to man for the sake of moral excellence is the paradise of Attributes, incomparable to the physical paradise. 

From Imam’s view, the capital asset of the life of that abode is the acquisition of noble dispositions and the possession of moral excellences. 

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