Entire society owes to Imam Khomeini's thought, ideals

Entire society owes to Imam Khomeini's thought, ideals

Reza Salehi-Amiri , Iran Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance says existing dignity, virtues and moral values among Iranian society reflect discourse of Imam Khomeini’s thought and ideals.

The minister said in a recent interview that Imam Khomeini, who possessed a great personality, has special right on the entire society and nation.

We all owe to Imam Khomeini, the late founder of the Islamic Republic for existing social, religious and cultural assets in Today Iranian society, said the minister.

Salehi-Amiri went onto say that the survival of the Islamic-Republic system is closely associated with shielding Imam Khomeini’s thought and paving his way.

Elsewhere in his remarks, the minister of culture suggested that Imam’s ideals can be reconstructed within needs of current circumstances. He also stated that new technologies and techniques such as animation and novel language can be used to introduce and promote Imam’s ideals.

He also visited a stall which was set up at the recently held international book exhibition in Tehran by the institute for compilation and publication of Imam Khomeini’s works.  

Imam left an enriched academic legacy as dozens of  his works cover a range of topics including philosophy, jurisprudence, Quran and Hadith sciences, poetry and literature.

The international department of the institue has managed to translate dozens of Imam’s works into several foreign languages including English, French, Arabic and Urdu.

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