Imam Khomeini left elegant prose, delicate poetry

Imam Khomeini left elegant prose, delicate poetry

After exploring theological, mystical and literary works by Imam Khomeini, pundits and researchers maintain that he left an elegant prose and delicate poetry

In addition to being a religious authority of high-caliber, Imam Khomeini, the late founder of the Islamic Republic, was also an outstanding poet and literary figure of Persian language.

Imam Khomeini, the leader of contemporary Islamic world, was popular in this respect from the very beginning of his student days in the holy Iranian city of Qum and was known for the soundness of his speech and writings.

Better known for his contributions to religion, revolution and world politics, the late founder of the Islamic Revolution took literary criticism to new lengths.

As a creative author, some of his theological and mystical works are well-known across various parts of the world.

Imam Khomeini has left an enriched academic legacy as the topics he covered include commentaries on the Qur'an and the Hadith, works on Islamic law, plus multiple tomes on philosophy, Gnosticism, poetry, literature and politics. 

And on top of all that he led to victory with reliance on God Almighty and backing of public masses one of the epochal events of the 20th century.

Imam Khomeini's poetry was exclusively a means for the manifestation of his mystical and numinous thoughts while praying to God and reflecting on the mysteries of the creation.

Imam wrote some surprising poems which contain treasures of mysticism and deep insightfulness. 

Imam Khomeini’s collection of poetry has been translated into various languages including Arabic, English and Urdu over the past few years.

A famous collection of Imam’s mystical poems has also been published under the title, “The wine of love”. 

For an instance, Imam said in one of his poems, which contain deep mystical concepts, as following:

I have become imprisoned, O beloved, by the mole on your lip! 
I saw your ailing eyes and became ill through love.

Then what follows a few lines down is absolutely amazing:  

Open the door of the tavern and let us go there day and night, 
For I am sick and tired of the mosque and seminary. 

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