Imam Khomeini defined various perspectives of essence of human nature

Imam Khomeini defined various perspectives of essence of human nature

Through his theological works, Imam Khomeini, the late founder of the Islamic Republic described and defined various perspectives of essence of human nature.

Imam Khomeini, the leader of contemporary Islamic, highlights that  Fitrah means natural disposition and origination.

 The late founder of the Islamic Republic also cites to following accounts which narrated as following:

In reply to the question concerning the noble verse, which states: “The nature (framed) of Allah, in which He hath created man,Imam as-Sādiq (PBUH) stated that it meant that God created all the people with a monotheistic instinct.

Given the explaination, Fitrah does not exclusively mean monotheism], as “it includes all the true teachings which God Almighty has ingrained in the nature of His obedient people and these have been moulded in their being and personality.

Imam Khomeini has elaborated on the role and place of fitrah in the human instinct, as well as some of its manifestations, in the exposition of the eleventh hadith in his Sharh-e Chehel Hadīth.

 The most important principle of man’sfitrah is his being monotheist; second, belief in the hereafter; and third, acceptance of the principle of prophethood

Various perspectives of human Fitrah have been highlighted through Imam Khomeini in details. 

The natural inclination to seek perfection [that] is so universal [in] that if all the eras of human existence are probed and each of human individuals, no matter to what group or nation he may belong, is questioned, a love of perfection will be found to be part of his nature and his heart will be found to be pulled toward it. 
It is possible that owing to the influence of some circumstances or type of upbringing, individuals may have diverse opinions on the meaning and connotation of perfection.

In essence, however, nobody holds a dissenting view. Everyone is looking for something which he thinks is better and similar is the case of men of science and craft and that of the entire human species.

Whatever the activity and field of their concern, their eagerness grows with achievement and is directed toward the higher degrees of perfection. The more they progress and advance, the more their eagerness grows for the higher degrees of perfection; its fire is never extinguished and becomes more intense every day.

It is the same inclination to perfection and excellence that drives forward the caravan of human civilization and learning, and turned the early humans, who were afraid of the fierce and dreadful animals, into masters and rulers of the planets. 

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