Imam Khomeini revived pure justice of Islam

Imam Khomeini revived pure justice of Islam

Imam Khomeini revived pure and genuine system of Islamic justice in contemporary history and at sensitive juncture when the world had been plunged into moral and social decline.

Imam Khomeini through his theological works, messages and speeches stressed that justice is fundamental principle of Islam.

According to Imam Khomeini, the entire world and universe has been formed and founded on justice and is destined to follow divine rules.

Imam stressed the need of implementing economic and social justice as all arenas.

Imam used to denounce all types of injustices and inequality at international forums and in international relations as well.  

Imam recommended the senior officials of the Islamic Republic to undertake serious efforts in order to defend right of Palestinian nation which has been suffering from Israeli occupation for several decades.

Here we see necessary to have a glance at justice form Imam’s viewpoint and present an analysis of various aspects in this regard.

According to Imam, Justice is an internal want of the human beings. In any place and with any belief Man has had a normative look at justice and approves of it for himself and for his fellow-creatures.

 But considering the growing trend of human beings society the means to implement justice has followed different directions and has made use of better practical grounds and implementation of justice according to Godly prophets school of thought and particularly prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) was put forward as an important duty.

According to Imam Khomeini, justice has a Godly origin and in its longitudinal range from God to every responsible person concerning individual concerns and particularly concerning social responsibilities is under review.

The prophets and Godly leaders are obvious symbols of implementing justice and are the complete model of this internal value.  Imam Khomeini has defined the concept of justice in an average way and has introduced it as one of the most important moral virtues

(Consult for further details, An exposition on hosts of intellect and ignorance, p.147).

In another expression he has interpreted justice as modifying all of the internal and apparent strengths spiritual and physical (Ibid., p. 151).

 Based on Imam’s view the prophet’s justice has its roots in unification and is the continuation of Godly absolute justice.

The duty of the prophet concerning the implementation of justice comes from his unification prophetic mission and as such in another place he introduces the coming true of the unification society as emancipation of the society from the oppression of foreigners (see Sahifeh ye Imam, Vol. 11, PP. 418-419).

In such position following prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) is the continuation of following God.

Prophet Mohammad not only behaved in a just manner but invited his followers to pay attention to justice and due to that Imam Ali (PBUH) as the infallible successor to the prophet even went to see the judge that he himself had appointed.

 He advised the judge to treat his plaintiff in a just manner.

Imam Khomeini has emphasized on the Islamic system’s getting a model from prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him).

From Imam Khomeini’s viewpoint, it is necessary to follow the footsteps of the holy prophet of Islam and his infallible successor Imam Ali (peace be upon them) for implementation of real justice.

Imam believes that it is necessary to follow their just character sketch for the endurance of the Islamic system.

 Imam through getting inspired by the Islamic school of thought believes that all of the prophets have paved the ground for the tangible appearance of prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and has said that prophet of Islam was and is the embodiment of the divine mercy.  

Although Imam Khomeini pays attention to the justice issue which is impacted by the Islamic school of thought that encourages a comprehensive judicial system.

He believes that promoting justice has been one of the major objectives.

In addition, Islam revived and promoted all divine and human values which were being forgotten or ignored by materialistic societies.

Undoubtedly, the holy prophet himself said that he was Prophet was sent to perfect good moral values and character.

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