Imam Khomeini sought Assembly of experts to protect accomplishments of revolution

Imam Khomeini sought Assembly of experts to protect accomplishments of revolution

Imam Khomeini, the late founder of the Islamic revolution through his speeches and historic messages highlighted the significance of the Assembly of Experts in the Islamic-Republic system.

Iran’s Assembly of Experts for the Leadership was established in 1982 under Article 107 of the Iranian constitution. Nearly 90 members are popularly elected every eight years and they should all be Islamic jurisprudence scholars. 

Iranian Revolution under the wise leadership of Imam Khomeini emerged victorious in 1979 and set best pattern of Islamic-democratic government. The Islamic system resulted in significant progress of the Iranian nation and strengthened all Muslim and oppressed people across the globe.

The Assembly of Experts is tasked with appointing the Leader and monitoring his performance. 

With the establishment of Iran’s Islamic republic system Imam Khomeini who had the backing of a social power which at that particular time firmly supported him in his first speech in Behesht-e Zahra cemetery went ahead with establishing the founders Majlis (assembly) and that was later called Assembly of experts.

Imam Khomeini as the architect of the Islamic revolution since the very first years when that was formed, made the position of that assembly clear and encouraged the people to participate in its elections and also advised the elected experts to be precise in performing their duties.

He always asked the people not to underrate the elections of Assembly of experts and participate in them passionately and as such he said: Assembly of experts is a credit to the country to protect the country’s security, independence and freedom and if that should be compromised that is a fault that may be irretrievable.

After the 1979 revolution many individuals and political parties opposed the forming of Assembly of experts, but Imam Khomeini through his speeches and his firm determination established that Assembly in the fastest time possible and took the first and permanent step to establish the Islamic republic system.

In fact according to Imam Khomeini not only the Assembly of experts has a Godly root but it also is necessary for the keeping and protecting of the accomplishments of the Islamic revolution.

Of course he always advised the jurisprudents, the masses and elites that they do not forget their standing and perform their duties in the right manner as regarding that he has said: and now you the jurisprudents of Assembly of experts and you the elites of the oppressed masses have accepted a responsibility that is at the top of all responsibilities.

Actually it should be learnt that the Assembly of experts is the most important and sensitive institution in the political structure of the Islamic republic system; the responsibility to choose the leader, oversee his performance and if necessary removing him are among the most important responsibilities of that institution. Imam Khomeini, who was smart and prudent, told everyone about the importance of that institution and did all that he could to establish Assembly of experts.

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