World countries respect Iran, reject Iranophobia

World countries respect Iran, reject Iranophobia

The massive turnout of foreign dignitaries in the inauguration ceremony of President Hassan Rouhani displayed the failure of Iranophobic practices.

This also  showed how world countries respect Iran and are eager to have relations with it, says the country’s Parliament (Majlis) speaker.

The presence of roughly 500 foreign guests, including 130 high-ranking officials from 105 countries, in the inauguration ceremony was “indicative of the respect that governments and nations have for the Iranian nation,” Speaker Ali Larijani said at the Parliament on Tuesday, three days after the venue hosted the president’s inauguration ceremony.

“The passionate turnout at the president’s inauguration ceremony indicates that the project aimed at isolating Iran is void and does not go anywhere, and that different countries are interested in having relations with the Islamic Republic,” Larijani said. 

The high level of participation, he said, came in spite of constant propagandizing against the Islamic Republic and the massive amounts of money spent on that practice.

The United States’ aggressive attempts to place Iran under economic pressure were also proven null by the massive turnout of the foreign representatives, which indicated international interest in business ties with Tehran, Larijani said.

“The respect accorded to Iran by various countries was an achievement in terms of [how] national interests [were served],” Larijani said. 

Earlier, Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi said the high level of foreign participation in the president’s inauguration ceremony signified “the world’s new approach toward Iran.”

The turnout was “a clear signal of the defeat of the policy of Iranophobia,” Qassemi said on Monday.

It is notable that Imam Khomeini, the late founder of the Islamic Republic through his speeches and messages denounced those elements and colonial powers which desperately had been attempting to fuel Islamophobia or Iranophobia.


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