O beautiful who are both covered and without cover,

Oh you who thousands of times appear and again disappear.

Oh! the mid-night sun and the mid-day moon,

Oh, the distant star who are nor the sun and the moon neither.

The universe is your pioneer and the sun your shadow,

The tress of the sun is your delicate tent's binder.

The souls of the holies due to your separation are consuming,

The hooris' hearts are all burning with your absence.

You are the real beauty and the legend of glory,

You are the endless sea and the world is a mirage all.

Is it possible that you glance at us!

Thus with the opening wings we move out of this cage.

Oh you whose appearance gives beauty to the beautiful,

Oh you whose coquettish glance causes all Sheikh and all the youth to perish,

The Friend’s eyes have made me mad,

Both worlds' prosperity be sacrificed for this being out of order.

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