Everything in universe has a purpose and goal, Imam Khomeini stressed

Everything in universe has a purpose and goal, Imam Khomeini stressed

According to Imam Khomeini's viewpoint, keeping in mind the Qur’anic precept that everything in the universe has a purpose and goal, the answer to the above question is positive.

Yes, anger is also necessary and if it were not for this instinct, humankind would never have endured and would have become extinct.

 It is enough to imagine this instinct to disappear overnight from man’s existence. In that case, no danger, no matter how serious, will induce him to move, and the necessary energy to face unpleasant situations will be not available to him.

Imam Khomeini, the late founder of the Islamic Republic himself has allotted a section in the Sharh-e Chehel Hadith (An exposition on Forty Hadith)  to this destructive instinct. He discusses it in detail, indicating the way of release from it and the method of regulating it.

While conducting an analysis of anger, Imam Khomeini also delves into all its dimensions and considers it in moderation to be necessary for individual and social life. Pertaining to its benefits, he says:        

It should be known that the Power of Anger is one of the biggest favors of God conferred upon His creatures, which enables them to pursue activities constructive to their world and the Hereafter, assure the continuity of the species as well as the safety and survival of the individual and the family.

 It also plays a great role in the establishment and maintenance of social order and civic life. If this noble faculty were not ingrained in the animal’s nature, it would not have been able to defend itself against natural adversities, and would have been subjected to destruction and extinction. And if it were absent in man, then besides these, he would have failed to achieve most of his progress and perfection.

Moreover, even its deficiency and insufficient presence below the moderate level is itself considered a moral weakness and flaw which gives rise to innumerable vices and defects.

The vices and defects like fear; timidity; weakness; laxity; laziness; greed; lack of restraint, patience and tolerance; lack of constancy and perseverance when needed; love of comfort; torpor; lethargy; submissiveness to oppression and tyranny; submitting to insults and disgraces to which an individual or his family may be subjected; dastardliness; spiritlessness, etc.

Well, now this question arises: Is not anger, with all these destructive effects arising from it, an example of the many instincts that must be uprooted? Is the existence of such an unpleasant instinct essential in man?

We should not forget that the greatest specific function of anger is preparing us to deal with emergency situations and providing us with the power to respond quickly. Most of the writings dealing with anger have also mentioned its specific positive function.

Therefore, from this perspective anger is also a vital element for the continuity of man’s life. Anger becomes bad only when it strays from its original function.

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