Imam Khomeini established a modern Islamic government.

Imam Khomeini established a modern Islamic government.

President Hassan Rouhani once at mausoleum of the late Imam Khomeini said that the late founder of the Islamic Revolution established a modern Islamic government.

He made the remarks while visiting the mausoleum of Imam Khomeini on southern Tehran to mark the beginning of Government Week in August 2014.

“For the first time in Iran and Shia history, Imam Khomeini established a modern Islamic government within the frameworks of religious jurisprudence and Islamic laws,” said Rouhani adding, “Imam Khomeini taught freedom and independence to all people around the world."

President Rouhani further pointed to Imam Khomeini’s moderation and avoidance of extremism or ignorance towards west orientation.

He said that the late Imam Khomeini thought us dealing with the world arrogant powers as well as peace and reconciliation.

He noted: “Imam Khomeini established a religious democracy based on public votes and emphasized that the true measure of (acceptance) is nation's vote and the main pillar of the Islamic government is Divine laws and the Constitution.” 

President Hassan Rouhani also once stressed that the path of the late Imam Khomeini is the path of Islam and republican.

“Our task is to protect the glory which was brought to us by Imam Khomeini from isolation and negligence; we must preserve the glorious Islam that Imam interpreted for the people in the best way, as well as the political Islam with the power of leadership which Imam Khomeini offered to us,” said Iranian President Hassan Rouhani while paying tribute to the late founder of the Islamic Republic on the first day of Iran's Government Week in Auguest 2015.  

President Hassan Rouhani said that if in the name of Islam, put aside the republic and if we forget the name of Islam in the name of republicanism, we are not in the path of Late Imam Khomeini.

President said that being revolutionary from Imam’s viewpoint is confidence in the law, law enforcement, dedication to Islamic morality, self-esteem and respect for others. 

President Rouhani said that extremist interpretations of Islamic Revolution of Iran are rejected. He added that all revolutionaries should be bound to the rule of law.

 Rouhani hailed the role of people in all victories during the past three decades.

“Imam showed respect towards people from all social status, but gave a special consideration to the poor, the youth and the women in society,” emphasized Rouhani. 

He considered the main purpose of the Islamic Revolution to be the establishment of the Islamic government and added, “after the formation of the Islamic government, the revolution will continue its path within this framework and it would be incorrect to think that revolution is opposed to the government.” 

President Hassan Rouhani urged all to learn aspirations of the late Father of the Islamic Revolution Imam Khomeini and follow his path. He made the remarks in a fast breaking (Iftar) ceremony held this year during the holy month of Ramadan in Tehran

"We are not afraid of foreign threats and conspiracies, because we have learned from Imam [Khomeini] not to fear foreigners," Rouhani said at Imam Khomeini’s shrine in August 2017.

 Imam Khomeini, the president said, "taught us how a nation of strong will can confront all sorts of intrigues,” referring to the eight-year Iraqi imposed war of the 1980s under the former dictator Saddam Hussein.  



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