Imam Khomeini underscored socio-political perspectives of Hajj

Imam Khomeini underscored socio-political perspectives of Hajj

Here are some important reminders to the Hajj pilgrims, which must be reiterated, though they have been said time and again through Imam Khomeini works and historic messages.

All of us know that it is the ignorance of Muslims about socio-political aspects of Islamic matters that has for the past two centuries in particular paved the way for aggression against Muslim nations by foreign governments.

One of the obstacles barring Muslims from defending their countries is the wide-ranging propaganda aimed at magnifying foreign powers.

In the past, through the efforts of the so-called intellectuals, westernized and western-educated people, they made a giant out of Britain.

 They impressed on the naive governments and oppressed nations that if a harsh word was uttered to a janitor of the British Embassy, Iran would be destroyed and that if the embassy’s flag was hoisted on the rooftop of any convict’s house, he would become immune to punishment.

Today, the two powers, especially the US, have replaced that giant and have become even bigger. This is the belief in Muslim States where people think that if something should annoy these two poles, their own countries would be annihilated. 

This ignorance is being imposed on oppressed Muslims by the neo-colonial imperialists and their lackeys. Most of the ulama used to think that Islam was separate from politics and that a Muslim should not interfere in political issues.

Deceitful plunderers attempted, with the assistance of so-called intellectual elements, to push Islam into isolation as they did with Christianity. They imprisoned the ulama within the framework of religious issues.

 They confined congregational prayer leaders to mosques and wedding ceremonies, and limited people’s activities to ritual prayers.

An important duty incumbent upon Hajj pilgrims and the ulama of Hajj caravans is the learning and teaching of Hajj rituals. Any failure in this matter will create such problems as the wasting of Hajj ceremonies. The ulama of Hajj caravans should invite the pilgrims of their caravans to classes set up for instructions on Hajj ceremonies. And Hajj pilgrims should learn them without waste of time.

 They should observe Hajj with complete understanding.

Among the things that keep the world’s Muslims and other oppressed people from struggling to free themselves from the yoke of imperialists is the widespread propaganda of the agents of the west and the east.

This is either as a result of their agents’ own shortsightedness or of their obedience to the dictates of the superpowers.

Such propaganda is aimed at convincing the oppressed that the sciences and development are exclusive possessions of the two wings of imperialism and communism, and that they – especially the westerners and recently the Americans – are the superior race, while the rest are inferior.

They want to convince us that their development is due to their superiority and that the backwardness of others stems from their inferiority.

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